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29 January 2015 @ 12:40 pm
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Hope you enjoy your stay (^_^)v
16 February 2017 @ 12:16 pm

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please comment if taking
mirror really welcome
thank you
Hello for all LoA's members!!
1st, i want to say THANK YOU for still here, eventhough we are not really provide something again like usual.
2nd, Thanks to housekini and ann_chibi for share and ULing things here so this community still not dead.
3rd, today is LoA's anniversary.. I dont have anything to share, but i want to accomplished (?) this last year entry (?)
4th, if you want to contribute (?) for this community, you can PM me, i will make you can post. Dont be shy, i wont bite. (^_^)

so, without futher ado, this is for you

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Please don't share this softsub outside community. (so, if someone asked, please just give them link to this entry)
I won't make this post private (but i will if someone break my heart)
Don't edit or re-translate to other language without our permission.
Don't remove the credit.
Thank you.

This year too, yoroshiku
25 October 2016 @ 11:30 am
hello everyone.
again and again, i want to say thank you for all of you who still remains within this community.
and i wan to say, sorry. really sorry.
like you see, im not really updates this community again.
my RL and my internet is my problems, but Mega is my number one problem.
i try to uploading what i download to share here, but it keep crashing.
idk what happen.
im using megasync, but still crashing.
so, im so sorry for not update like before.

maybe you can help me?
maybe i will make members can post doramas/movies/specials, or maybe raw file video.
but i want to keep this community free from ads-link (?) or locked journal/community.

sorry, if i put this wrong or something.
hope you can understand.
im still trying my best to keep ULing things.

once again, sorry, and thank you

Hello everyone!!!!
How are you?!!!!!!!!!

Thank you *\(^_^)/*

1st, we want to say Happy Belated Birthday to Sho Sakurai!!!

Stay Healthy, All the best for you, Hope you’ll stay as you are now, keep awesome!

2nd, like I say in my Previous post, we will make softsubs for Arashi Blast in Miyagi. And the awesome sakini_pikanchi help us! They allow us to use their translations.

[their translation]

But they say “DON’T RE-TRANSLATE IT, ESPECIALLY TO SPANISH SUB BECAUSE WE ALREADY HAVE TEAM TO MAKE THAT”. So please, for everyone who download this, Please don’t make profit from it and don’t re-translate it especially to Spanish. Thank you (^_^)

3rd, today, Jan 26th here, uhm, actually, idk, because I make this community at 26th. but I opened this community Jan 29th. But, uhm, whatever, I think I will make Jan 26th is LoA’s anniversary!

Thank you for joining, thank you for your support, thank you for your comments, thank you for keeping the rules, thank you for everything! Hopefully in the future, we can make this community a better one and can satisfy all of you. Yoroshiku ne.

Like the Title of this post, we release Arashi Blast in Miyagi’s Softsub.
Translated by sakini_pikanchi
Lyrics by yarukizero
Re-Timing&Typesetter by tomapiya & dekkawai

Get it here. This version is match with ocha_suki’s raw| d1 d2(2 disc) (password: C.A.R.N.I.V.A.L)
*okay, Ocha say it's okay to put her link here, but please, don't make profit from her kindness*
Get it here. This version match with 1 disc’s raw

BTW, you can get hardsub d1| d2by sakini_pikanchi
*membership ismoderated for joining go here

Please comment if taking.
mirror really welcome.
Please, keep the rules!
thank you

This is for today.

17 August 2015 @ 05:14 pm

To celebrate Junjunpon's birthday (much earlier though) and the Independence Day of Indonesia, we share this softsub of DigiDigi Concert to you all who prefer softsub. The exsistence of this sub won’t happen, if Ria (fickleunicorn) and Emi (tabunhappy) didn’t help us. So it’s all thanks to them :D

i know all of you can use internet, and google translate if you can't read our rules.
this is in English, just in case you didn't know.

- Do NOT stream
- Do NOT hardsub using this softsub
- Do NOT make any change with this softsub
- Do NOT re-distribute.
- Do NOT claim as yours
- Do NOT sell
- Do NOT re-translate TO ANY LANGUAGE
- Do NOT re-upload
- Do NOT re-post

koko ni wa?Collapse )
Translator : Ria
Typesetting : Emi
Karaoke timing and typesetting : dekkawai and tomapiya (disc 1 and 2)
Song lyric and translation : yarukizero

BTW, they release their Hardsub version too here at menimienaimono

Uhm, we still didn't know if we will release softsub for disc 3 (documentary) or not.
thank you so much Ria and Emi for making this happen!!!!!! *confetti*
So when we are, we will make new post.
Please tell us when you found mistake or error.
Thank you.

Aah, also today is the last day for members to make request here.

19 April 2015 @ 02:14 am
We know that other communities already do this one, but in case you already have the RAW and prefer the softsub, well you can get this.
Also hardsub for those who prefer it.

We use candywalla for 1st disc and acidae 's translation from here and here for 2nd disc.
Please don't remove the credit from the file if you use the SS m(_ _)m

Disc 1

We use the raw from KnH, so if you have any other RAW, maybe it won't sync. You can re-timing it tough :)
[MEGA] for KnH's RAW with lyric
[MEGA] for KnH's RAW without lyric
[MEGA] for DVD LE RAW form ocha_suki with lyric retimed by her :*

Disc 2

[MEGA] for KnH's RAW
[MEGA] for jade-lil RAW
[MEGA] for DVD LE RAW from ocha_suki retimed by her :*

Size: 883MB
Duration: 1:25:29
Filecloud: 1| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
4shared 1| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Translation: candywalla and acidae
Lyric and song translation: yarukizero
Timing: tomapiya
Editing/Typesetting/Encoding: dekkawai

Please understand that we are not a pro when it come to subbing, so the quality maybe not that good.
Thank you :D

Comments are welcome :D

you can get another version here at sakini_pikanchi
*please follow their rules*
28 January 2015 @ 08:39 am
NEWShfan's permission

this is the last word (?) from NEWShfan before

*pic : i've got from stephaniejsc LJ*

so, everyone, who want to re-up NEWShfan's video, go ahead..
but still, make your own link, don't put in streaming site.

And for Baka no Sekai's video..


Don't edit the file, the file name have to start with [BNS], and dont uploading at streaming sites

thank you (^_^)